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Between A Rock and a Hard Place (by Reese Palley)

SailtraderJanuary 1986 - Safely anchored after a Red Sea dismasting, the author thought his troubles were over - until he was confronted by a boatload of armed Ethiopians.

Thanks to Rob & Diane Schaafsma for sharing this story of their sailing adventures with
If you visit the West Coast, you can meet Rob & Diane at the Slipway Restaurant in Saldanha Bay. Let Rob take you out on an unforgettable sailing trip and tell you the story first hand.


Page 1: The Dismasting

Page 2: Buddy System - The Schaafsma Family & SailTrader

Page 3: The Perfect Hills of Ethiopia

Page 4: "Innocent Fishermen" with Kalashnikovs

Page 5: The Escape - Four Good Tools and a Dollop of Luck

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