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Cape Nature Conservation: News and projects:

cncUpdated information on the new tourism facilities at Bird Island, Lambertís Bay
Avian cholera is killing thousands of our seabirds
Licenses for angling & hunting more widely available/Jag en hengel lisensies nou makliker te kry
Input needed into Western Cape's Hunting Proclamation
Mening gevra oor Jag Proklamasie


As the world's natural treasures become more endangered we are sometimes left with a feeling of hopelessness. Is there a way that we, as human beings who care about the environment, can help to prevent the wholescale destruction of our natural surroundings? We can share the Mission and Vision of Cape Nature Conservation. We need to actively participate in programmes to conserve our natural and cultural heritage through education. And, perhaps take a moment to think about the consequences of our actions.

It is with appreciation to Cape Nature Conservation that I wish to present to you the wonderful nature reserves that you will find on the West Coast. Armed with the knowledge that so much beauty surrounds us, all we have to do is take a step into paradise. (A careful step, please...)

The Mission and Vision of Cape Nature Conservation

Our Mission
The conservation of the Western Cape's unique natural heritage in partnership with all its people, for the welfare, advantage and enjoyment of present and future generations.
Our Vision
To become a world leader in conservation. We aim to instill in all our people a deep sense of ownership and pride in our unique natural heritage and realisation of its intrinsic and economic value.

A special thanks to Cape Nature Conservation, who kindly provided the photographs, links and information. The information on this website serves as an introduction, with photographs, to the various reserves and conservation projects/programmes on the West Coast. You will find links to more detailed information (Cape Nature Conservation) on each page. I hope you enjoy the visit!


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